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"I MADE IT! "This morning I weight
67.6kg!!! I've lost 32kg (70.4lbs)!
I thought you should be the first
to know I've officially reached my goal
weight!!! :-)"

Tanya Lazarevich, Adelaide, AU

"Dr. Frank,...I weighted im this morning
at 243.5lbs for a total loss of around!
26.5 lebs.I...I am in week nmber 5,
dropped down form 42" waist back into
some old 38" jeans

"...I have not experienced the
sruggles, the guilt, or the aching
hunger "normally" associated with my
previous weight loss attempts. Thanks
again for all you do and my God con-
tinue to bless your efforts."

Charles Philips, Beaufort, SC

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It’s a scientific fact: thinking causes behavior. We do what we do, because we think the way we think.

So if we’re doing unhealthy things—like overeating—we can be sure there’s some unhealthy thinking at the root of it.

A recent clinical weight loss research project discovered that…

Approximately 18-23 % of weight loss success (or failure) comes from eating the
right foods in the right amounts.

Another 11-16% is the result of getting appropriate exercise.

But an astonishing 61-74% of our weight loss success or failure is going to be
determined by our own thinking!

So even the best diet and exercise program can’t bring you lasting weight loss success as long as your own thinking is sabotaging you!

The plain truth is that, until you “get your mind right,” bouncing from diet to diet is just a waste of your precious time! Really, aren’t you getting tired of failed diets?

“Hi Dr Frank – Well, I hit exactly 180.0 on Wednesday morning and 179.6 on Thursday.” “I have lost 49 lbs and exceeded each of my other goals. This process gives me the ability to manage my life in a way I never knew was possible. …Thank you!!”

David Silvia., Sales Manager – Charlotte, NC

“Hi Dr. Frank, “The weight is just falling off…83 lbs so far! I have now gone from 265 to 182 and still with complete peace. As I tell everyone Dr. Frank, I went into [your program] for weight loss, but the weight loss just ended up being the final bonus! Thank you again for ALL you have done.

Sandy Spell, Marketing Director – Deltona, FL

Welcome to the cutting-edge of weight loss technology, and the only program that will correct the self-sabotaging thinking that is (and always has been) the real, root cause of your weight problem.

I will personally show you, step by step, how to create the kind of “success mindset” that will rid you of your unwanted pounds for good! I will guide and support you every step of the way to success.

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Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD