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"I MADE IT! "This morning I weight
67.6kg!!! I've lost 32kg (70.4lbs)!
I thought you should be the first
to know I've officially reached my goal
weight!!! :-)"

Tanya Lazarevich, Adelaide, AU

"Dr. Frank,...I weighted im this morning
at 243.5lbs for a total loss of around!
26.5 lebs.I...I am in week nmber 5,
dropped down form 42" waist back into
some old 38" jeans

"...I have not experienced the
sruggles, the guilt, or the aching
hunger "normally" associated with my
previous weight loss attempts. Thanks
again for all you do and my God con-
tinue to bless your efforts."

Charles Philips, Beaufort, SC

"Hi Dr. Frank, I dropped 3.5 pounds this
week for a total of 21.5!!!! YEAH!!! I
NEVER even think of using food anymore,
to confort self. I've had at least 100
reasons to eat since the last time I've
talked to you but I did not choose
food...not even once!!! I feel GREAT!!!!
I'm definately on my way!!! Many

Lisa Schaff, Wilmingotn, NC

"Every day my clothes fit better and I
have had a few people comment not
just on the change in appearance, but,
on the change in attitude. [Laurie has
lost 33 pounds so far.] I have had so
much positive reinforcement in the past
couple of weeks that I am walking 3
feet off the ground!

Laurie Denham, Program Manager
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dr. Frank B. Smoot, MA, DD, creator of The Permanent Solution weight loss program, has nearly three decades of experience in coaching, counseling, and real-world weight loss research. he also has special expertise in the areas of fitness, stress management, and personal & spiritual growth.

Dr. Smoot -- better known as "Dr. Frank" -- has worked as a licensed psychotherapist in Maryland, and has extensive experience working with both groups and individuals. He has taught assertiveness training for the Baltimore County (MD) Department of Adult Education, and has presented numerous seminars and workshops on personal growth and on how to create lasting weight loss success.

Dr Frank has a BA from Towson State University and an MA in Clinical Psychology form Loyola College, both in Baltimore, MD. he also holds a Doctor of Divinity degree in Theology from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Birmingham, AL.

His graduate degrees and his highly effective holistic approach to weight loss reflect Dr. Frank's strong belief in the need to involve all of our personal resources -- body, mind, and spirit -- to create and enjoy maximum health and fitness, and a happy, balanced life.

Dr. Frank is the author of several print books, ebooks, and weight loss programs including:

The Permanent Solution
Weight Loss God's Way (www.weightlossgodsway.com)
The Hidden Secrets Of Lifelong Fitness
Love's Fatal Illusions (How To Create Successful & Lasting Relationships)*
111 Things Every Woman Must Know About Men

(*For details please
contact DrFrank@CoachFrankSmoot.com)

Dr. Frank has done extensive research to uncover the little-known truth about why a tragic 96% of all weight loss efforts end in failure. His identification of the weight loss "Recipe For Success" and the "Top Four Success Factors" led to discovery that the real, root cause of most weight problems lies in our own self-sabotaging beliefs.

As a result of his groundbreaking discoveries, we can now solve our weight problems once and for all -- at the root -- instead of merely "attacking the symptoms" as all diet and exercise-based approaches do. Dr. Frank's pioneering work in this area has now made it possible for virtually any overweight person to enjoy safe, struggle-free, and permanent weight loss without drugs, pills, or dieting.

"Why are so many of us overweight and out of shape? Not because we don't try hard enought, but because we try hard at the wrong things.

"The research has made it clear that trying to get fit or lose fath through diet and exercise alone is "like trying to get rid of dandelions with a lawn mower." Sure, you may get some visiable results. But until you solve your problem at it's root, it just keeps coming back -- and bigger every year!

"It is said that 'the truth will set you free.' Well the sad truth is that virtually no one understands that the real reasons why they fail (...and fail, and fail...) at weight loss.

"The secret is to understand that lasting weight loss success is not about what goes on your plate, but what goes on between your ears. And if success has eluded you, you can be sure it's not your diet you need to change. It's your thinking!

"The good new is, correcting your own self-sabotaging thinking is both enjoyable and enlightening. It's also extremely rewarding and even life-changing.

"My mission is to help you discover the truth about your own tremendous potential, and work with you to find and fix the self-sabotaging thinking that is -- and always has been -- the real, root cause of your weight problem.

The Permanent Solution is the tested-and-proven, tried-and-true solution to your chronic weight problems. You will learn how to change your self-sabotaging thinking into self-supportive thinking, how to design and create the life and body that you dream of, and how to turn you dreams into the happy, healthy reality you deserve!"